SRF Sannyasinis’ Visit to YSS Ashrams


October 28-30, 2022

(Friday – Sunday)


November 11-13, 2022

(Friday – Sunday)


November 25-27, 2022

(Friday – Sunday)

About the Events

With utmost joy we inform you that SRF sannyasinis visited India during October and November 2022. During special programmes organized at YSS ashrams, they conducted meditations, and gave spiritual discourses and classes on Gurudeva’s “how-to-live” teachings. The programmes were open for both women and men devotees. Guru-behens had a unique opportunity to receive personal guidance from the SRF sannyasinis in the application of Gurudeva’s teachings in their daily lives.

Live-Streaming of Satsangas:

The closing satsangas at Ranchi and Noida were live-streamed for the benefit of all those who were not able to join the in-person event. These satsangas are available on the YSS website and YSS YouTube channel for later viewing.

Closing Satsanga - Ranchi

“Kriya Yoga: Quickening Our Human Evolution”

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Closing Satsanga - Noida

“Creating Lasting Happiness”

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Photo Gallery

We are very happy to share a few glimpses of these events below:

Sadhana Sangam at Dakshineshwar

Sadhana Sangam at Ranchi

Sadhana Sangam at Noida


New Visitor

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