Yajna during Janmotsav 2016, Ranchi

Welcome to the December - January edition of the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India eNewsletter. In this edition we share inspiring thoughts from Paramahansa Yogananda on the real celebration of Christmas and a Christmas message from Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata.


Paramahansa Yogananda on the Real Celebration of Christmas

A Christmas Message From Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

Flood Relief in Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh

Road Naming Ceremony in Bengaluru

Ardha Kumbha Mela at Haridwar – 2016

New Photo Album: 2015 Sharad Sangam

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Paramahansa Yogananda on the Real Celebration of Christmas

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Yogoda Satsanga Society of India/Self-Realization Fellowship observes the spiritual celebration of Christmas each year with an all-day meditation service held at YSS/SRF temples, centres, and meditation groups worldwide. This tradition was begun by Paramahansaji in 1931. He once said:
To enjoy a real Christmas you should celebrate the birth of Christ Consciousness (Kutastha Chaitanya) in the spiritual centres of divine perception in the brain and spine. In deep meditation you behold all the astral lights of the spinal centres, and there is an exchange of the Christ Consciousness and your consciousness. That is the real Christmas festivity.

When the Christ Consciousness comes to you, you find within you the whole cosmos, with whirling worlds and universes hanging like ornaments around the Christmas tree of the spine. That is how Jesus celebrated "Christmas," the birth of Christ Consciousness within him.

— Paramahansa Yogananda, in The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You


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A blessed Christmas to you from all of us in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda's ashrams. During this holy season permeated with the vibrations of Christ-love and joy, we pray that you feel through the receptivity of your heart's devotion the transforming presence of the Christ Consciousness that was incarnate in the beloved Lord Jesus. In a world much influenced by the divisive forces of maya, how deeply our souls respond to the balm of peace, the unifying power of humility and love, that emanate from the lives of all who fully reflect God's light. May the reality of that universal consciousness enfold you, giving you faith that you too can manifest the divine image that is within.

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New Photo Album: 2015 YSS Sharad Sangam

Flood Relief in Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh

The unabated rainfall in November – December 2015 left a trail of destruction and devastation in coastal north Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Chennai and districts of Cuddalore, Tiruvallur, and Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh were affected the most.

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New Photo Album: 2015 YSS Sharad Sangam

Road naming ceremony in Bengaluru

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Yogoda Satsanga Dhyana Kendra –Bengaluru, the Kendra requested the Karnatak State Government to name a major arterial road in the heart of Bengaluru, adjacent to the YSS Dhyana Mandir in honour of our Gurudeva Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.

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Ardha Kumbha Mela at Haridwar - 2016

kumbh mela at haridwar 2016

We are happy to inform you that YSS devotees of Hardwar, Dehradun, and Delhi are setting up a camp at the 2016 Ardha Kumbha Mela, Haridwar. The camp will be operational from 6th March to 16th April, 2016. This period will cover the main bathing days, viz, 7th March (Mahashivaratri), 11th March (Amrit Siddhayoga), 14th March (Meen Sankranti), 19th March (Amal ki Ekadashi), 23rd March (Purnima), 24th March (Holi), 28th March (Shri Rang Panchami), 3rd April (Papamochini Ekadashi), 7th April (Chaitra Amavasya), 8th April (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada), 14th April (Mesh Sankranti), and 15th April (Rama Navami).

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New Photo Album: 2015 YSS Sharad Sangam

We are pleased to share glimpses of the Sharad Sangam 2015 in our new photo album.

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Celebrate the birth of Christ in the cradle of your consciousness during the Christmas season. Let His vast perception in Nature, in space, and in universal love be felt within your heart.

— Paramahansa Yogananda


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