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Paramahansa Yogananda on Prayer

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Prayer is a demand of the soul. God did not make us beggars; He created us in His image....A beggar who goes to a rich home and asks for alms receives a beggar's share; but the son can have anything he asks from his wealthy father. Therefore we should not behave like beggars. Divine ones such as Krishna, Christ and Buddha did not lie when they said we are made in the image of God.


I prefer the word 'demand' to 'prayer,' because the former is devoid of the primitive and medieval conception of a kingly tyrant-God whom we, as beggars, have to supplicate and flatter. There is a great deal of beggary and ignorance in ordinary prayer....Few know how to pray and touch God with their prayers.


You have a divine right inherited from God to demand from Him; and He will respond to you because you are His own. If you constantly call to Him, He cannot escape the net of your devotion. If you pray until the ether churns with the light of your prayer, then you will find God.


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We also invite you to watch the inspiring video of Sri Daya Mata: How Can My Prayers Help Others?

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"Most men consider the course of events as natural and inevitable. They little know what radical changes are possible through prayer."

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