Sangam Overview

Gurudeva said, “Every day let us endeavour to supplant wrong habits and tendencies with good habits and actions. May we all realize the joy of such occasions as this Convocation, and receive such upliftment from these experiences that the darkness of ignorance may be forever dispelled by the beacon light of that joy.” Sangam offers an excellent opportunity to become aware of our tendencies, which otherwise may go unnoticed, and gives us motivation to progress on the path with new enthusiasm. The schedule at the Sangam will include group meditations, discourses, explanation of the meditation techniques, Kriya Yoga diksha, bhajan sessions, and video shows. The schedule will provide opportunities for personal spiritual counselling with the sannyasis and also time for rest and relaxation.


Sannyasis will lead group meditations twice daily throughout the Sangam. Dhyana Mandir, Smriti Mandir, and Matri Mandir will be open for individual meditations. Yogoda Satsanga Meditation Techniques The techniques of concentration and meditation and also the Energization Exercises will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Classes will be conducted in English and Hindi.


We endeavour to select topics that are of benefit to devotees for their threefold development of body, mind, and soul. Sannyasis will give talks on these topics based on the teachings of Gurudeva, to help devotees gain deeper insights and progress on the spiritual path.

Kriya Yoga Diksha

All Kriyabans attending the Sangam will have the opportunity to participate in the Kriya Yoga diksha ceremony along with new devotees receiving Kriya Yoga diksha. The Kriya Yoga diksha ceremony will be held on November 22 and December 4.

Eligibility for Receiving Kriya Yoga

Devotees who have completed the study of the first 52 Yogoda Satsanga Lessons are eligible to apply for Kriya Yoga diksha. If you are one such, please send your answers to the questionnaires at the end of Steps I and II of the Lessons (enclosed with Lessons 26 and 52, respectively) to Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Math, Ranchi, before August 5, 2018. If your answers are found satisfactory, you will be informed of your suitability for the diksha. If you are eligible by the time of your attending the Sangam, you may submit, for consideration, answers to the questionnaires on your arrival.


Many of you have so enthusiastically served in different areas in previous years. Your devoted service helps to make the Sangam a success. As on earlier occasions, many devotee-volunteers will be needed this time too. Some of the areas where you can help are: Registration office, accommodation arrangements, audio-visuals, stage-arrangements, bookstall, decorations, kitchen and dining, maintenance, medical, sanitation, security, ushering, etc. In some of these areas a few volunteers will be required one week before the function and a few volunteers may have to stay up to 3 days after the function.If you would like to volunteer, please fill in the Registration Form accordingly. After receiving this information, we will select volunteers for various areas of work and guide them.

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