Sharad Sangam 2018

Sharad Sangam Ranchi

Sharad Sangam is a week long immersion in the sacred, soul-liberating Kriya Yoga teachings of our YSS line of Gurus – that brings forth profound joy and blessings of the Great Ones to all those who participate in this sacred gathering. The Sangam schedule includes review of Gurudeva’s techniques of meditation and Energization Exercises, discourses, group meditations, bhajan sessions, video shows, spiritual counselling by sannyasis, and Kriya Yoga diksha.

In order to accommodate the growing number of devotees interested in attending the Sangam at Ranchi, we are conducting two Sharad Sangams at Ranchi during the year 2018. A devotee may attend only one of the two Sangams. The two Sangams will be held during:

May you grow daily in the love and joy of the Divine.