Learn to Meditate

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Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda's personal instructions on how to practise the science of Kriya Yoga meditation, taken from the classes he gave for more than thirty years, are presented in detail in the Yogoda Satsanga Lessons.

In addition, the Lessons provide his practical guidance and techniques for attaining balanced physical, mental, and spiritual well being — the health, healing, success, and harmony that yoga bestows in every aspect of life. These "how-to-live" principles are an absolutely essential component of any truly successful meditation practice.

If you have not yet enrolled for the Lessons, you will find on these pages some basic instructions on how to meditate, which you can use right away to begin experiencing the peace and communion with the Divine that meditation brings.

How to Meditate

"Ways to Deepen Your Meditations" (excerpt)
Swami Bhaktananda

Part 1 Correct Posture
Time: 2:40
Part 2 The Attention
Time: 3:48
Part 3 Beginning a Meditation
Time: 2:48
Part 4 Prayer and Meditation
Time: 4:54
Part 5 Benefits of Meditation
Time: 4:45