“Nurturing a Personal Relationship With God” by Draupadi Mai

In satsanga on “Nurturing a Personal Relationship With God,” SRF sannyasini Draupadi Mai shares wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda on how to address two fundamental—and interwoven—questions on the spiritual path: “What can I do to nurture a personal relationship with God?” and “What will help me to sustain that relationship through all the ups and downs of daily life?”

She explains how becoming anchored in a personal relationship with God “imparts to us spiritual strength, protection, and the divine understanding with which we can navigate successfully through all the difficulties and the uncertainties that we face in our world today.”

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Currently we are offering a new online inspirational satsanga each week, led by a YSS or SRF sannyasi. These programmes generally include meditation, chanting, and a talk on Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings. Through the satsanga presented here, you can join Paramahansa Yogananda’s worldwide spiritual family in weekly divine fellowship.

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