“Giving Thanks for Life’s Blessings” by Swami Jayananda

SRF sannyasi Swami Jayananda discusses positive ways we can approach all life’s situations as yogis in order to be successful spiritually: “When we talk about thanksgiving or gratitude, these are attitudes really—ways of thinking, or ways of approaching life.” Drawing from Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings and his experiences with Sri Daya Mata,

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“How You Can Talk With God” by Karuna Mai

November 6, 2020 SRF sannyasini Karuna Mai shares insights from Paramahansa Yogananda’s book “How You Can Talk With God” and discusses how, in applying the science of meditation in our daily lives, we can have a two-way conversation with the Divine and truly realize the kingdom of God within.

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“Cultivating Deeper Faith” by Swami Achalananda Giri

October 30, 2020 Swami Achalananda Giri, vice president of Self-Realization Fellowship, discusses ways we can cultivate faith—an essential facet of spirituality which, as Paramahansa Yogananda explained, goes beyond mere belief and is grounded in actual experience of the Divine within ourselves. As we gradually increase our faith, and go through

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Experiencing God Within

“Experiencing God Within” by Swami Anandamoy Giri

In this talk, Swami Anandamoy Giri, deeply respected SRF sannyasi, identifies the universal needs that lie at the core of all spiritual seeking, and demonstrates how true spirituality, found in the esoteric traditions of the world’s great religions, fulfils these needs through direct personal experience of God.

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Swami Sattvananda Thumbnail

“Cultivating Spiritual Enthusiasm” by Swami Sattvananda Giri

SRF sannyasi Swami Sattvananda Giri explains that enthusiasm—the ability to motivate ourselves and feel joy in whatever we are doing—is not only important in every aspect of life, but especially in order to achieve our highest spiritual goal of communion with God. He shares Paramahansa Yogananda’s ideas on how to cultivate spiritual

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